Stay tuned! App coming soon!

Hello and welcome to our site! We are currently working hard on developing our first official release of the MyTime for Caregivers app for iOS and Android. Currently we are targeting a release in early 2017.

What MyTime Means to Me

I came to MyTime as a somewhat unwilling member. I was introduced to the HACK event by one of my professors at the time who really pushed me to get involved in this. “I think you’ll really enjoy it” she said. So reluctantly I applied to be on the team. When I showed up to drive to Richmond with the team I was incredibly hesitant to start. In my mind I didn’t want to be there and I could have had the weekend off. Little did I know what was in store for me.
We got to Richmond and immediately went to the first event of the weekend which was a meet and greet with all of the other teams. It was incredibly awkward but I pushed through. That night I truly got to know my team. We bonded over music and wine and I knew then that no matter what the rest of the weekend held, I was with a group of pretty cool people. 
The next day we showed up at the actual HACK event ready to go. We got assigned a caretaker and off we went. This is when it truly started to sink in for me what this event was going to mean. I was going to help create something that would help out families like my own.
See, my Grandmother has dementia. My family didn’t find out until she was so far in that she could no longer take care of herself. My family was immediately thrust into becoming caretakers with no time to prepare. My parents sold there house, moved in with my Grandma and got use to how things were going to be.
When I would go home to visit, I would see the small things that my parents would do to take care of themselves. My dad would go to the movies by himself or my mom would spend extra time at the grocery store if they needed a break. Little things that they could do if they needed a break as soon as possible. The gears in my head immediately began to go as soon as the event began.
This experience gave me a background to have while working on our app at the event. I was able to provide another point of view to what was being made. I was able to take something that was just an idea and see how it could be applicable to someone in real life and in real time. 
So to me, MyTime means that instead of my dad being so frustrated one day that he has to get out now, he can plan time to take care of himself a little everyday so he wouldn’t ever have to feel like he needs a break now. Or maybe it would just make those times when tensions are really high a tiny bit easier knowing that i have planned time to take care of myself.